3 Reasons Designers Include Live Plants in Their Designs


Live plants and cut or potted flowers are beautiful and critical additions to any space. When we photograph our client’s homes, we always add plants. At Hoskins Interior Design, houseplants and flowers are essential in our own homes. We love to encourage our clients to find the perfect plants for their space as well.

Don’t know where to start? First, check out photos of spaces that inspire you; you will almost certainly see live plants or flowers strategically placed. Then, keep reading for the 3 reasons designers include live plants in their designs…

1. Live Plants Create Restorative Spaces

Live plants create restorative spaces. When you have a close connection with nature, you feel energized and alive. Artificial plants just don’t have the same positive effect on your home. Both foliage and flowers add freshness and vitality to a room in a way that nothing else can. 

2. Live Plants Add Color and More To Your Home

Fresh flowers or plants supply color, texture, soft, or sculptural elements to their surroundings.  

Green foliage adds color to any space without competing with décor. And if you need a brighter, stronger color to complement your room, consider bright green leaves or boldly hued blooms.  For more subtle colors, add texture by using soft pale green plants or pastel petals!

3. Plants Are Great Problem Solvers in a Room

Plants are natural layering elements. Not only do they add organic interest to a space, but they also add balance, softness, or a sculptural feature to your room. Need something in that empty corner, but you’re not sure what? Try a large floor plant or tree. 

Need a little bit of softness in a room with lots of hard rectilinear surfaces like a kitchen?  Fill a low wide vase with my favorite grocery store blooms, like a colorful bouquet of Alstroemeria. Buy them when the blooms are just opening, change the water every now and then, and they will last for two weeks! 

A spikey snake plant can add sculptural interest to a room. The radial, delicate foliage of a fern is a classic favorite in interior design!

No green thumb, you say? Visit a local greenhouse or plant store. These folks can help you select a variety that will meet your design needs, and that will thrive in your light conditions. 

Don’t forget the pot!  We usually prefer a wide low pot to anchor the plant to the surface or floor.  Be sure to find a style that will enhance the décor of your room.

We’d love to help you design your next project! Reach out and let’s see how we can help you!

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