Our Interior Design Inspiration: Lively Neutrals

Hoskins Interior Design

Neutral color palettes sometimes get a bad rap for being boring. At Hoskins Interior Design, we find working with neutrals exciting since they challenge us to come up with visual interest in other ways besides vibrant color. We are currently refreshing a client’s family room with this soothing design scheme, complementing an adjacent white kitchen. The central inspiration for the color palette was a large piece of art filled with soft tones, which will serve as the focal point for the room.¬†Taking hints from that piece, we plan to place a subtly patterned rug to provide a base for the space. We will then fill the room with textural visual interest, using leather, heavily and lightly textured fabrics and a tone on tone color scheme. The goal is to have the soothing feel of the neutral palette highlight the art without being bland. One’s eyes will be entertained by subtle yet beautiful variety.

Have you used neutrals in your home? Let us know how you achieve the look you love by leaving a comment below.

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