Our Interior Design Inspiration: Accessorizing with Natural Objects

natural objects

During our trip to High Point Market in October, we noticed that the use of natural objects in interior design is becoming more popular. Moving beyond plants and rocks, amethyst, wood and petrified squid were just some of the materials we saw in furniture and accessories. The table shown above is covered in stingray skin, known in the interior design world as shagreen. Bringing in the inherent beauty of the natural world is a lovely way to add color, texture, shape and form into your space. Below we have some tips on how to add natural objects to your interior design scheme:

  • Including plants adds softness and variety to the base shapes of a room.
  • Natural wood lends a warmth to a design scheme and can be used as a balance to the many hard surfaces found in homes, particularly in kitchens.
  • Found natural objects from your travels, such as shells, rocks, or driftwood is a simple way to add your personality to your home.

Have you used natural objects to bring the outside in? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below, or send us an email.

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