Our Interior Design Inspiration: Collections

displaying collections

An important tenet of our interior design philosophy is personalization. We design homes with our clients in mind, considering both the personalities and the functional needs of the people who live there. One way people express their personalities is through collections, whether it be china, stamps, books, figurines or sports memorabilia. While they can be a lot of fun to create, collections can be difficult to display in an aesthetically pleasing way. Too often they can appear cluttered or busy, completely missing the opportunity to highlight and enjoy the pieces. One of our clients has a son who collects athletic shoes, possibly one of the more difficult collections to show off attractively! While we were designing a lower level bedroom and lounging suite for him, we turned a wall in the main living area into a display space for his collection. We created shelving built into the wall to minimize encroachment on foot traffic and added lighting. This design not only allowed him to highlight his collection to everyone who visits, but the shoes add color and dimension to the space. He is happy to have his passion out of hiding, and his parents are happy the shoes are organized and tidy. If your treasures are wasting away in a closet somewhere, give us a call. We will help you come up with a creative and engaging way for you to enjoy and showcase your collection. Send us an email, or give us a call at 317-253-8986.

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