Our Interior Design Inspiration: Non-Art for Your Walls

Non-Art Design

Whether we are at an interior design market or just out browsing shops and boutiques, we are always on the hunt for interesting non-art for our clients.  The walls of your home are not just for hanging pictures! Adding other items like mirrors, sculptures, a collection of glass perfume bottles or framed stamps brings interest to your space. For the French country interior design pictured above, we hung this lovely hand-painted antique mirror and flanked it with an antique plate collection on individual fluted shelves. The rest of the room’s walls are filled with either tall furniture pieces, paintings, a stone fireplace, or a large door opening with impressive double columns. The different shapes, textures and reflections of this non-art vignette keep your eye from skipping over them to the splashier parts of the space. Also, by adding the small plates around the vertically-oriented mirror, we were able to better fill the horizontal wall space than if we had hung only the mirror. What is your favorite piece of non-art in your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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