Our Interior Design Inspiration: Textures

grass cloth rug

An interior design scheme is made up of a collection of elements that blend beautifully together to create a cohesive style. One item that many homeowner’s overlook is texture. That mix of nubbly, rough, fluffy, bumpy and smooth not only adds visual interest to a space; it tickles our touch senses as well. For our client’s master bedroom suite, we are creating a soothing palette of neutrals accented with soft blue. To add visual interest without straying from the soft color scheme, we are placing the grass cloth wallpaper shown above on the walls. The pattern and three-dimensional aspect of the grass cloth will add depth to the walls while complementing the restful ambiance of the bedroom.

Do you have a favorite fabric, accessory or wall covering that adds gorgeous texture to your home? We’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

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