2017 Kitchen Design Trends

White Kitchen with Island

Design is an ever-evolving endeavor, which is one reason why we at Hoskins Interior Design so enjoy what we do. The latest kitchen design trends reflect changes in technology and how people live. Below are some of the emerging style and functionality ideas we are seeing both in shelter magazines and in client requests.

Moving Toward Modern

Over the past few decades, interior design trends have moved from traditional style to transitional, and now from transitional to modern. However, as our clients strive to embrace the latest look, we always caution them to choose a style that is classic to them. For example, modern rustic is a popular style now. One of our clients is keen on including this look in his remodel, but that is because it reflects his outdoorsy lifestyle. Kitchen remodels usually require a large investment, so it is important that you choose a look that will last rather than one that is trending at the moment. For this client, the modern rustic look will last because it is authentic to his personality.

White Kitchen Cabinets and Stove Top

Solid Colors for Countertops

Highly-patterned granite is losing ground to more simple, solid-colored looks in kitchen countertops. Man-made materials like quartz have allowed people this option, as well as quartzite, which is a natural stone with the look of marble. We still have clients asking for granite initially; however, the style they are going for tends to be better suited to these other materials. It is important to note that while quartzite offers a more user-friendly option for marble, it is still not as durable as granite.

Designing for Refined Cooking

As the American culture embraces the art of cooking food, the demand for a “chef’s kitchen” in the home has grown. We have found that the key to creating a well-functioning kitchen is designing for how you will use it. Planning up front for the appliances and other tools you need will help ensure the flow supports cooking activities as well as other uses of the space. Advances in the cabinetry and storage design industry make maximizing storage easier, allowing even small kitchens to function well. We work with our clients to ensure easy visibility and access to daily tools, and even include special cabinetry for items like spices, oils and countertop appliances.

Advanced Appliances

Smart appliances are becoming more popular as their functionality increases. For example, there are infrared faucets that turn on with a wave of your hand to decrease germ transference and water droplet mess. We are also seeing a demand for modular refrigeration units. The days of installing a pair of built-in Sub Zero refrigerators in an armoire style have passed. Now, homeowners are placing smaller units around the kitchen based on functionality. The main refrigerator serves as food storage and the center for the cook. Other units like wine coolers and under cabinet and tower refrigerators are segmented out for other uses such as beverage storage and entertaining. Refrigerator drawers are particularly popular with families since they are scaled for kids and provide easy access without bothering the cook.

Warmer Metals

Soft and brushed golds are becoming popular in kitchen lighting, faucets and hardware. While we are seeing less use of blacks and dark bronzes, those options are still appropriate if the style demands them.

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More Drawers, Fewer Doors

Kitchen cabinetry design now includes a lot of drawers in base cabinets rather than doors with stationary or sliding internal shelves. The idea behind this evolution is efficiency—opening a drawer requires only one step (opening the drawer) while a door requires two (opening the door and then either getting on the floor or pulling out a sliding shelf to reach an object). Storage accessories within drawers, like pegs to separate pots and pans and to store lids make organization easy and keep the space from becoming a big black hole of mess. We are also including cabinetry designed for specific storage needs, such as small appliances, spices and cutlery.

Hidden Designated Landing Areas

In homes without a mudroom or service entrance, and particularly in smaller homes, we are creating a landing area for mail, purses, backpacks, pen and paper, and phone charging stations that can be hidden from view. This idea has replaced the old desk in the kitchen design, where the items you need every day were stacked and available for guests to peruse. Now, we create a specific area in the kitchen to serve the same purpose but include a pocket or other door option that can be closed while entertaining. Functionality is essential, so we design for the needs of the people living in the space.

At Hoskins Interior Design, we are always looking for elements of good design in whatever new looks come our way. In the end, scale, balance, proportion, etc. are what determine whether a look is a passing fad or a lasting trend. Being different just to stand out is not good design unless you are willing to remodel your kitchen every five years! Adhering to the classic ideas behind interior design will help ensure you create a style for a home that you will love for a long time.

Questions about these 2017 kitchen design trends? Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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