Our Interior Design Inspiration: Creating Value Beautifully

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Interior designers often have the reputation of trying to get their clients to spend, spend, spend. At Hoskins Interior Design, our focus is on creating value, not huge price tags. We always keep our clients’ budgets in mind and help them weigh where they should invest and where they can save. Showcase and heavily used rooms like kitchens, great rooms and dining rooms tend to require a higher budget because quality and functionality are of the utmost importance. However, less-used and private areas such as guest rooms, kid rooms and studies offer more opportunities to save. For example, the benches pictured above were purchased at a discount retailer and covered with a high-end fabric. They are to be placed in a teenage girl’s room and were not going to see a lot of wear and tear. Since there was no need to invest in durability, we were able to allocate more of the budget to the look of the pieces by covering them with fabric that complemented the space perfectly. Creating the space that perfectly suits our clients’ needs in terms of look, functionality, and budget is always our goal!

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