2018 Design Trends from Our Visit to High Point Market

Bedroom design trends

As interior designers we are always looking for design inspiration. Sometimes it comes from an accessory or a client’s favorite piece of art; other times it comes from experiencing the world around us or from purposeful searching. Every other year we take the time to attend High Point Market, the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. There we look for cues to the upcoming interior design trends from trade suppliers. This year, Kathy and Madelyn made their way to the North Carolina show and discovered a few design ideas on the horizon.

1) Small-Scale Geometrics – It used to be that small-scale geometric fabrics were limited to items like throw pillows or ottomans. Today, the design world is getting bold with their uses. Note in the image above, instead of using a solid-colored fabric for impact, a geometric version was used on a chair and the canopy, allowing the pattern to pop rather than relying on a color.




2) Bar Cabinets and Secretary Desks – Quite a few examples of these furniture pieces were displayed at the show, which could perhaps mean we will see more of them used in interior design schemes. This trend may be due to the growing popularity of small-space living where people are looking to maximize the functionality of every square inch. Each room must serve many uses, so furniture must support that need. Secretaries serve as desks and hidden storage while bar cabinets can help expand entertaining space from the kitchen into the living room.


Petrified Squid

3) Nature’s Elements – An upcoming trend we have seen through our clients was highlighted at High Point—accessorizing with natural objects. Beyond plants, these items are made out of rocks and wood that bring nature indoors. We even saw petrified squid as an art piece! One of our current clients wants only real, natural items used as accessories—looks like she is on the cusp of a new trend!


Reuse in interior design


4) Reuse – The nod to nature was also seen in the materials chosen for other design elements. Repurposed antiques, reclaimed wood countertops, use of marble and glass, and all natural wool and sisal rugs were also popular at High Point this year. Millennial buying trends show their preference for supporting businesses making high-quality, sustainable products. Perhaps that sensibility is making its way into the interior design world as well.


Retro Glas Pendants

5) Retro Lighting – Glass pendants have been around for a while, and at Market we saw examples of the recent trend toward a retro look.  However, we also saw lighting companies pushing their designs a bit, adding unique etching or shapes to their repertoire.





It is important to the Hoskins Interior Design Team to keep our fingers on the pulse of our industry. However, just because something is popular does not mean it will work in our clients’ homes. Good design means taking in the innovations and emerging trends and applying them as appropriate—not forcing them into a scheme for the sake of being “trendy”.

We have plenty more pictures of our time at High Point. Stop by at our new location at 1100 E 54th Street, Indianapolis to check them out!

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