Design Trends: Cabinet Functionality

Hoskins Cabinet Design

Remodeling your kitchen offers the opportunity to bring more functionality to the space. Beyond a new layout, appliances, lighting, and cabinets, there are other small details that can have great impact. For example, cabinetmakers have kept up with the latest design trends by developing some incredibly useful ideas for interior and door designs. Stand mixer lifts, pull-out shelving, spice racks and deep drawers are just the beginning. Nowadays it seems that it is only your imagination that holds you back from creating a truly functional cabinet design.

A key to getting the most out of the latest accessories is knowing how you plan to use your kitchen as well as the types of items you would like to store. If you have a lot of serving platters you use just a few times a year, place wide, stationary shelves up high. If you plan to use your cabinets as a pantry, look for pullout inserts that allow better access to those items that tend to get hidden in the back. Often used small appliances can be easily stored behind a cabinet garage door. Large deep drawers are perfect for storing Tupperware and pots and pans.

Hoskins Cabinet Design

During a recent kitchen remodel, our clients really wanted a bar area in their kitchen but did not want it visible all the time. We created a custom cabinet design that incorporated into the rest of the kitchen a granite countertop and shelving with pivot doors. When the bar was in use, the doors folded away. When not, the space was hidden from view. It was the perfect solution for their needs.

Kitchen design has evolved in exciting ways that make the space not only beautiful but more functional too. Need more information on how to create a kitchen that addresses all of your needs? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.

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