Design Trends: Pet-Friendly Interior Design

laundry room

With pet ownership in the US growing every year, it is no surprise that we are increasingly being asked to include Fifi or Rover in our interior design schemes. For most homeowners, the idea is all about functionality—in other words, making pet-related items easily accessible and clean up a breeze. Pet-friendly design trends include built-in crates, specialty cabinetry for food and accessory storage, pull-out food and water bowl drawers, and durable flooring. Utility spaces in the home become pet central, such as laundry rooms, mudrooms and arrival centers. When we are assisting our clients with a dog-centric design, we first ask where the pooch will enter and exit the home. That space needs to be large enough for dogs and people, allow easy access to clean up tools for muddy paws and wet fur, and provide storage for leashes, collars, paw boots and even coats. For cats, hiding the litter box tends to be the main goal! So far, we have not had to design for other free-roaming pet options like pigs and ferrets, but the year has just begun.

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