How the Roles of Designers and Architects Differ, & Why You Need Them Both for Your New Build


We often get the question, “Why do I need an interior designer for my new build when I have already engaged an architect?” Today I will address how an interior designer works alongside your architect while bringing different things to the table.

First, it is important to clarify that your architect’s role is different from the interior designer in that your architect’s primary focus is on designing a floorplan and exterior design. They ensure that both will meet the needs of your family, as well as express the architectural style you desire both inside and out. The architect also plans for how the home is oriented on the lot. Most importantly, they are creating construction documents showing a home builder the quality of construction and detail that you prefer. 

Interior designers have different roles in your home design.  We take a deeper dive into the interior of your home, prioritizing functional and aesthetic components:

Focus on Interior Functionality


An interior designer works alongside your architect to focus on the interior functionality of your home.  We discuss in detail the way you plan to use important spaces like your kitchen, living and utility areas, to ensure that these spaces will serve your family’s needs. 

We begin with furniture plans for your living areas to ensure that each area will support the amount and types of furniture you will require. It is important to do these things before walls are built to avoid costly changes.

Enhance Your Home’s Style with Interior Details


Interior designers seek to understand your vision for the interior of your home and help build on the design work you have completed with your architect. We ensure that cabinetry and architectural millwork (crown molding, trim work, wainscot, paneling, stair, and ceiling design) all complement the style of your home.  These are the details that bring the design style you love to life!

Select Appropriate Finishes and Fixtures


Plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, countertops, flooring, tile design, wall finishes and paint colors… these selections can be overwhelming! As interior designers, we bring our knowledge of finish materials and how to combine them to suit both your preferences and again, the style we have already established for your home!

Complete the Design with Furnishings


I’ts likely that many of your current furnishings will not be appropriate for the scale and size of your new home.  This is the investment that really pulls your interior over the top!  Interior designers style perfectly scaled rugs and furnishings to complete the décor of your new home. We complete the job with lamps, accessories, custom window treatments, and other finishing touches that are appropriate for your family AND your home.

There are so many interior decisions to be made when building a home.  Your interior designer can remove much of the stress by leading you through the process, saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes.  Plan to interview interior designers as you are interviewing architects and home builders to complete your custom home build team!

If you’re ready to make that interior design hire, reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear about your dreams for this custom home build.

Until next time,

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