How to Determine Your Unique Interior Design Style (& Why You Should!)

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We are influenced by style everywhere we look, but have you ever wondered how to identify a style that is uniquely yours?  Today I will guide you through a discovery process to identify or further fine-tune your own personal style!

Step 1: Collect Images that Speak to You

Pin or clip images from Shelter magazines, Google, or Pinterest WITHOUT thinking about why you like them.  Just have fun with it and pin away!  Try using search terms like traditional, transitional and modern/contemporary.  Which search produces more spaces that inspire you?


Step 2: Look for Common Elements in Images

Once you have 5-10 images per living space, file them by area.  Search for common design themes. Are the kitchens you saved white, stained or a combination?  Are the living spaces more casual or formal? Are they light and bright, or warm and cozy? 

Have you saved images with lots of color or more with earthy neutrals?  Maybe you have collected spaces that are mainly neutral with pops of color. Are the spaces very soft or do they have strong contrast in color? 


Step 3: Sort Images by Theme

For a deeper dive, create folders for each of these themes: Formality, Overall feeling, Color, Contrast.  If you notice other recurring themes, make a folder for these as well!


Enjoy this journey of discovering or fine-tuning your personal style!  We lead our clients through this discovery process as we begin any new construction, renovation or furnishings project to help us to create a design concept: a plan for the design aesthetic of the project.  Whether you are working with a designer or planning for purchases for your home, designing with an end result in mind helps to guide your selections, resulting in a cohesive home that is just your style!

Ready to start planning your one-of-a-kind dream space? Let’s chat!

Until next time,

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