The 4 Most Important Features for Your Forever Home


When building or remodeling your dream home in your 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s, it is often difficult to imagine a future when your mobility and physical health are on the decline. 

Design for your forever home should include planning for important features that will support all of the seasons of your life.  A little foresight now can ensure your home’s ability to grow and age with the people who live in it.

When we partner with our clients to design their family’s forever home, we include discussion of the following accessibility features in our                          pre-design planning.


1. Opt for Walk-in Showers with an Attractive Grab Bar

Bathrooms can be especially difficult to navigate as we age.  Joint replacement surgeries are on the horizon for many of us!  Walk-in, curbless showers not only look beautiful, but remove barriers for limited mobility.

Many companies are adding attractive grab bars to their plumbing fixture accessories collections as well. Including these or at least blocking in the wall for additional security in the future can further ensure accessibility as needed.


2. Choose Easily Operable Windows, Doors, & Drawers

Simple things like twisting a doorknob or raising a window in your home can     be more difficult as our strength and flexibility diminish. Lever style door handles are much easier to operate than traditional knobs, as are windows that open inward or outward as opposed to raising and lowering.  Including drawers rather than doors in lower cabinetry are easier to access and organize no matter your age!


3. Pick Soft Flooring to Reduce Wear and Tear on the Body

Consider using hardwood rather than tile in the kitchen.  Softer flooring is kinder to our bodies in areas where we spend the most time, thus one of the most important features in a home. Your feet, back, and knees will thank you later.


4. Invest in Motorized Window Treatments Throughout

Though they can be a bigger investment up front, motorized window treatments can be such a convenience in difficult to reach areas, such as behind a tub.  Floor to ceiling windows are amazing; but operating these large and heavy treatments can be challenging.  Including wiring in the walls for motorization is a good idea even if motorized treatments are not in the initial budget.

Your Beautiful Forever Home that Grows with You

A beautiful, comfortable home can also be practical and nurturing. We are passionate about helping our clients design and plan for a dream home that will support the way live in it now and in the years to come!

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