How to Discover Your Most Inspiring Design Aesthetic


We’ve all heard the words “modern” and “traditional” to describe design, but when it comes to people’s homes, their ideal aesthetic is more likely to be a carefully curated mix of what they love!

Have you ever wondered what your unique design esthetic would be? You’re not alone. Most of our clients’ homes are a combination of styles, expressing their own personal taste as well as meaningful family character.

How do you envision what your unique style might look like? Rather than relying on vocabulary like traditional, transitional, or modern, we suggest this exercise in self-discovery…


Step 1: Gather Your Inspiration

Create a collection of interior spaces that you find inspiring, saving them to Pinterest boards by room.

Seeking inspiration from design publications, Pinterest, and Instagram, etc., should not be an effort to imitate, but to explore the differing styles, materials, finishes, furniture, and colors, (or lack thereof), that speak to you.

It may help to add notes to the images about WHAT you found appealing about each image. For example, was it the light fixture, cabinetry, or just the “overall vibe” that you liked about that kitchen you saved?

Collect these images by following your gut! Don’t think too much about what it all means just yet. Take your time.


Step 2: Find Your Common Ground

Now that you have a good collection of interiors that speak to you, it’s time to find some common themes!

  • Were the spaces warm and cozy or light and airy?
  • Were you particularly drawn to the functionality of the kitchen storage or the design details on the cabinet doors?
  • Were furnishings layered with complementary patterns or were they mainly solid colors with varying textures?
  • What DON’T you like about a particular space?

These are the discussions we have with our clients before the design process begins. Once we all understand what is beautiful and important to each client, we create a unique design concept for their home.


Step 3: Personalize Your Design

We combine the information we have collected about styles our clients love along with special pieces and collections they already own to create a design aesthetic that is unique to them.

It is important to consider lifestyle and the architectural style of an existing home in this plan. A light and bright home may be executed differently in a busy family with young kids than with an empty nester couple! Or, a super modern and trendy design aesthetic may need to be toned down a bit in order to complement a more traditional home.


This year has fundamentally changed how we live in and feel about our homes. Now is the perfect time to understand what makes a home beautiful, nurturing, and comfortable to you!

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