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For most homeowners, implementing an interior design scheme that suits their style, home and how they live is not an easy task. Interior Designers are inherently geared toward noticing how design elements work together and they go to school to build upon that natural instinct. A skilled designer can add a lot to the success of a home renovation or redesign project, whether you involve them in every decision or ask for bits of advice along the way. Below we outline three ways to work with Hoskins Interior Design, each providing different levels of service depending upon your needs.


Level 1: Design Advice

One of the most daunting aspects of undertaking a home renovation or interior design project is the multitude of choices you face. There is no need to go it alone! Hoskins Interior Design can help you develop your style and narrow the multitude of options to those that fit your vision and budget. A site visit may be necessary because being in a space is very different than seeing it digitally. Having that visual information allows us to help you develop a style appropriate for your home. Paint colors, style palettes, furniture scale, general design questions – we provide you with the confidence to know you will 1) spend your money in the right way and 2) end up with the home you envision.

informal dining room design

Level 2: Design Plan for Furnishings

Bringing in an interior designer to help you develop a design plan can help ensure you make wise choices in your renovation or redesign project. As experts in scale, texture, color, pattern, etc. designers can not only guide you to the elements that support your style, they can elevate the entire project by bringing in things you may not have thought of. At Hoskins Interior Design, we have access to trade-only vendors, providing you with a much wider scope of options beyond what everyone can find online or on the floor. However, it is not necessary to implement our plans with our products. We will create a design concept for you and provide pictures of possible options with our pricing. You can either purchase from us or shop on your own. Regardless, you end up with a design plan that suits your style, home and how you live.

This level of service involves the following steps:

Step 1: Initial onsite meeting to discuss design goals, and photograph and measure the space/review architectural plans

Step 2: You create a Houzz Ideabook or Pinterest Board with images that reflect your vision, from which we create a design concept which you approve

Step 3: We then build 1-2 digital mood boards noting color palette, style palette, and finishes to further define the design direction

Step 4: Next, we develop 1-2 scaled furniture and floor plan options

Step 5: Once the mood boards and furniture/floor plans are approved, we provide specific furniture recommendations including dimension, style of upholstery,   finish, etc.

Step 6: We also provide images and pricing of furniture and accessory options available through our vendors. From there can choose to purchase through us, or shop on your own.

Kitchen Design

Level 3: Comprehensive Interior Design

If you are planning a major renovation or new home construction, it is important to remember that builders are very good at their job of building things. To ensure you end up with the home you envision, you need someone to communicate what you want to your builder to build. Saying you want a white kitchen could mean many things to many people! Most quality contractors partner with interior designers to help their clients develop the details of the project. At Hoskins Interior Design, this level of service means we are your partner and advocate throughout the construction process. We develop a design concept with you, and work with you and your builder, architect, subcontractors, fabricators and other partners to ensure it is implemented to your expectations.

This process can involve any or all of the following activities:

  • Visit & photograph site/review floor plans
  • Assistance with exterior selections
  • Creation of space utilization plans
  • Kitchen and bath design, finish selection and tile pattern design
  • Cabinetry, millwork, and interior detail design, including scaled drawings and elevations
  • Assistance with all project selections related to design: fireplace, millwork, plumbing fixtures, tile, cabinets, flooring, wall finishes, appliances etc
  • Provide schedules of selections
  • Selections & Specs for lighting/Scaled drawings for lighting
  • Create and provide ceiling and lighting design and drawings
  • Visit jobsite during construction and installations
  • Scaled furniture plans by area
  • Custom furniture selections, including fabrics and finishes
  • Design and procure window treatments, re-upholstery, throw pillows, accessories artwork, etc.

Regardless of scale or scope, every interior design project could use some insights from an expert. From quick design advice to comprehensive design project management, Hoskins Interior Design is happy to help! Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.253.8986.



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