Interior Design Trends: Neutral Colors

modern living room

One of the current interior design trends is bringing in a modern look, with a lot of clean lines and neutral colors. This minimalist focus may seem straightforward, but it is actually quite a challenge to implement a neutral palette without creating a flat feel to the space. Below are some tips on how to bring lively neutral tones to your home.

 Instead of layering with color, layer with textures. 

Grasscloth wall coverings, textural fabrics, honed countertops and textured wall tile are just some ways to bring depth to a neutral palette. In a recent refresh of a hearth room, our client was looking to bring in all neutrals. Every element was a different non-color but with varying textures. The fabric on furniture was nubby and thick like a linen weave, the rug was a shiny silk and wool blend, and there was embroidery on sofa pillows. The space ended up with a great deal of depth without the use of color.

 Match undertones. 

Every color has either a warm or cool cast to it. Mixing them can make a space feel disjointed. Choose an undertone – grey, yellow, blue, green – and continue it with every other neutral you use.

 Neutral does not mean just white or beige. 

There are many variations of color within the neutral palette. Off-whites, tans, greys, bronze and silver can all be brought into the mix, particularly in fabrics and wall and floor coverings.

 Expand your fabrics horizons. 

Fabrics offer so many opportunities to play with the neutral palette! Experiment with pattern, texture and surface finish to add depth to your soft elements.

One benefit of going with a neutral palette is its versatility. We are in the midst of completing a design for a client who was interested in having no color in her home. She had taken a house tour and fell in love with the look. Making all of her hard surfaces like tile, countertops, and cabinetry neutral will allow her to further her investment. They would continue to serve as a beautiful base palette if she wanted to change her look in the future by bringing in new soft surfaces like rugs, fabrics and wall coverings.

The world of design is more than interiors. Architecture, art and fashion all take cues from each other, noting what will be in style for the next few years. If you take a look at the expected look in fashion for 2019, you will see a lot of neutrals layered with texture too!

Need more advice on how to implement a neutral color palette in your home? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.



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