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Would you like to take an active role in creating an interior design scheme for your home, but find the process daunting? We’ve developed a service called Design Advice just for you. After a site visit, we serve as your partner to help you wade through the many choices in front of you – paint colors, furniture scale, finishes, etc. In the end, our goal is to help you invest your money wisely the first time and end up with the home you envision. Below are two examples of how we are helping clients take a leading role in their home’s style.

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Starter Home Interior Design

Our clients are a young couple who bought their first home together –  an older home which needed a full redesign, however, they wanted to take on each space over time. We worked with them to create the overall vision so as they implemented each phase the spaces would eventually all flow together. It was important to them that they make good decisions along each step, so having a partner in creating the larger plan and then having access to our expert advice as they moved through the process made sense. They took our recommendations and now shop on their own, stopping into our office or sending pictures of their choices if there is a question.

Achieving their style without making mistakes along the way was the goal for these homeowners. It is easy to get distracted by something that you fall in love with but at the end does not fit into your long-term design scheme. Finishes, in particular, get people excited – hardware, lighting, paint, wall coverings. Choosing the bright shiny object over the element that complements your design goal means either spending more money for replacement or living with something you do not like. Every decision you make affects the end result. Interior designers are accustomed to thinking this way! Fortunately, our clients were aware of this risk and use our designers to help them keep their end goal in mind throughout the process.


Family Home Refresh Interior Design

before picture
Laundry room before picture

Another client of ours has a beautifully designed home, but she has not touched it for 20 years. It has begun to look dated however she is not interested in undergoing a full remodel at this time. She reached out to us to help her refresh the look of her home. After a site visit to review the space and discuss her laundry list of small projects, we helped her develop a plan to address the elements that were truly dating the space. Our goal was to help her get the most impact from her budget, and offering objective advice is often the best way to do that. We are not used to looking at her space every day, so we may see things that she has just gotten used to. Also, our client knew she wanted a new wall color in her kitchen but with her open floor plan, that change would greatly affect other spaces in her home. We helped her develop a comprehensive plan to refresh her home and provided access to quality resources to help her implement it.

Whole House Remodeling Interior Design

The number of decisions that face a homeowner taking on a whole house remodel can be overwhelming. And while contractors are excellent at building, they may not be willing to help you choose each detail. Here is where our design advice services can truly help. We had clients who were updating their whole house and wanted to make sure they were investing wisely. They used us as a guide through making choices that not only narrowed the options but also supported the aesthetic goal. Since it was a whole house project, we ensured balance and harmony among all the selections to keep a flow of continuity throughout the home. You can read more about this project by clicking here.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of including an interior designer in your DIY interior design plan:

1) Expertise.

Interior designers do what they do because they are inclined to be sensitive to the space around them. They also have studied the elements and principles of design and refer to this knowledge base when posed with a design challenge. Creating cohesive interiors that function well is their expertise!  Taking advantage of their experiences and resources can help you successfully achieve your goals for your home.

2) Spend well once.

Buying a sofa because you like it does not mean it will be scaled correctly for your space or will support your overall design scheme. Having an expert’s viewpoint on your major purchases will help ensure you spend your money correctly the first time.

3) Reduce Stress.

There are many detailed decisions that have to be made when undertaking an interior design project and each one affects the other. Interior designers are accustomed to working through the design process and can help you wade through your many choices. Think about it– as you are staring at 1000 tile samples, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of guidance on how to narrow your options down to one or two?

Our designers are ready to help you with your next interior design project, whether you are looking for design advice or for a partner in a full home build or remodel. Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986 for more information.




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