Interior Design Trends: Using Texture for Visual Interest

The modern-leaning look we are seeing in interior design trends these days uses a lot of neutral color palettes to help set the minimalist style. However, this clean look can end up looking flat if not well implemented. Rather than using pops of color to add visual interest and depth, interior designers are bringing in lots of texture. Soft elements like fabrics, wall coverings and rugs are just the beginning. Hard surfaces are getting in on the texture bandwagon too. For example, designers are suggesting more than just high shine countertops; homeowners are going for suede, matte, or honed finishes too. Depth also qualifies as texture; for example, backsplash tile crafted with a three-dimensional element can bring architectural interest to a sleek-lined kitchen. Texture is even making its way to light fixtures. We are seeing a lot of natural woven materials such as wicker and rattan from lighting manufacturers.

If you are inclined toward modern styling, don’t forget to bring in textural elements to keep your space from feeling cold and flat. Let us know if you have questions on how to implement this interior design trend into your home. Send us an email or give us a call at 317-253-8986.

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