Mid-Level Interior Design Services: Design Plan for Furnishings

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Interior Design is not a one-style-fits-all type of business. At Hoskins Interior Design, we work with many types of clients; from those who are looking for a bit of advice to help them make better decisions to those who are building a completely new home or remodel and need help along every step. In between those two needs are clients who want to create a new look in particular spaces of their home through furniture, rugs, accessories, etc. For them we have created our Design Plan for Furnishings Services.


Step 1: Initial On-Site Meeting

Like all of our design projects, we begin a furnishings project by helping our clients uncover the design concept they are aspiring to. We begin with a meeting at the space we will be designing for. Pictures are an important tool for sharing information, but experiencing the 3-dimensional space is key to providing the appropriate context for design. We need to see the rest of the home and how it will relate to the room we are working in. We also take our own photographs and measurements (or review the architectural plans). It is also at this meeting that we interview our clients, assessing their design goals and specific style and functionality needs. They leave this meeting with homework – to collect images that show elements of design or styles they are hoping to bring into their home. Houzz Ideabooks, Pinterest boards or even a folder of printed pictures will suffice. Modern style means different things to different people. Through imagery, we create a shared design vocabulary and therefore are more easily able to get everyone on the same page.

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Step 2: Create Design Concept Imagery

The goal of step two is to develop mutually agreed upon design concept images to ensure the information we collected in Step One is leading us in the right direction. Many times we are working with a couple that has different styles. We are able to find designs they have common, allowing their home to suit each of them. It is here that we also educate our clients about the design elements that both work in their space and meet their goals. Good design is not just buying what you like and placing it. Whatever you bring in is part of the overall home and must flow appropriately. By creating a shared design concept, we are able to marry what already exists to the new style that everyone supports.

Step 3: Create Scaled Furniture Plan Options

All of the legwork we did in step one fully forms here in step four. Experiencing the space (or reviewing the plans) allows us to get a feel for “what it needs”. Are there existing focal points or architectural oddities that affect symmetry and balance? Where are the windows or pathways to other rooms? It is here where the experience and knowledge of an interior designer become crucial to the success of a design plan. We take what we know from our clients’ home and apply the tricks of the trade to create stylish furniture plan options that are also functional and appropriate to the space and the goal. There may be furniture layouts they may not have thought of or little details that elevate the design. Our furniture plan options show examples as well as the size and scale of each piece.

Step 4: Create Digital Mood Boards

Now that we have narrowed down our clients’ tastes and needs, we develop mood boards for the space. These tools consist of images that depict the style, fabrics, finishes, colors, textures, etc. that support the desired look and functionality. Details like wood legs on a sofa, open arms on a chair, tufted or skirted upholstery, throw pillow textures, side table scale, etc. are also all noted. Feedback from our clients then moves us to the next step.

interior design selectionsStep 5: Provide Final Furniture Plan

After design direction and furniture plan are approved, we provide specific furniture recommendations including dimensions, style of upholstery, finishes, etc. Our goal is to give our clients the tools to purchase what they need on their own while minimizing mistakes. Furniture requires a large investment so buying right the first time saves money and frustration. From our plan, our clients are able to shop with the confidence that they will achieve the look they desire. We also offer the option of purchasing pieces through Hoskins Interior Design.

There are many ways to include an interior designer in your home projects. Whether you need a bit of design advice, help with furnishings, or guidance through every step of a large project, Hoskins Interior Design can help. Send us an email or give us a call at 317.253.8986.



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