3 Ways to Add More Storage and Organization to Your New Kitchen


Before you begin the design of your new kitchen, take the time to ask yourself some questions about your functional needs for the space. Focus on the overall efficiency of your kitchen storage before moving on to the arguably more fun tasks of cabinetry and finish décor.

1. Extend Cabinetry to the Ceiling for Additional Storage


Taking kitchen cabinetry up to the ceiling can be a cleaner look, providing much needed storage to a kitchen with a smaller footprint and average height ceilings.  But, what if you are building a larger kitchen with very tall ceilings? Your architect and designer can assist with integrating the ceiling and cabinetry designs for a cabinetry height that is appropriate for your kitchen.

2. Create Customized Stations with Specialty Built-Ins


A larger kitchen footprint allows for the creation of zones dedicated to specific activities.

Do you frequently entertain friends and family?  Consider creating a beverage/serving station out of the “work area” of the kitchen so that guests have a convenient place to serve themselves and gather.

Do you love to bake?  Consider creating a dedicated baking station, complete with storage for all your baking ingredients and a lift for your mixer.  A breakfast or coffee station, strategically located, allows family members to serve themselves during the morning rush while pocket doors are open.  Behind the doors, it can become an integral part of the cabinetry design.

3. Stay Organized with an Arrival Center


We all have a place where we toss the keys, mail, cell phone, and bags when we enter our homes.  Where is yours?  Consider adding a dedicated spot for all these items in an arrival center.  You may want to include mail slots, key hooks, phone charging outlets, or drawers for kids’ papers…all behind drawers and doors of course!

Bonus: Kitchen Storage Tip


Drawers rather than doors!  Drawers in the base cabinets are great ways to store plates and dishes, pots and pans, and practically everything else. Utilizing that space this way allows you to easily organize and see them.  No more losing things in the way-back of the cabinet shelf!

We’d love to help you design your efficient, beautiful kitchen! Contact us and let’s chat about your project.

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