How to Design a Fabulous and Functional Bathroom

Your beautifully remodeled bathroom is finally complete! However, you think, “Wait, do I want to clutter it up with all of my stuff?” Your bathroom should be the spa-like oasis you envisioned but also functional.

Today I will be sharing tips for planning storage and organization in your bath design. Follow these steps…                                                          

1.  Take Inventory

Be realistic! Take an inventory of what you have stored in your current bathroom. Does all of this need to stay, or could some things be stored elsewhere? 

Identify the things you use most frequently. These deserve high priority in your storage and organizational plan. The goal is to design a place for everything, with the most commonly used items easily accessible. 

2. Strategically Plan Cabinetry

The size of your bathroom will determine the amount of cabinetry to plan for. Think about how you use the bathroom. Are you and your spouse often using the bath at the same time? If so, you will want to leave enough space for you both to move around comfortably. If you need a wired drawer to plug in and store your hot hair tools, plan for it! 

Depending on your stage of life, you may want to allow floor space for the potential need to maneuver a walker or wheelchair.

3. Utilize Vertical Space for Storage

Now that you’ve determined the cabinetry footprint has, you can plan for storage. First, utilize vertical space for storage. For example, is there a spot for a shallow linen closet? Custom cabinetry can be designed to suit the constraints of your space, creating dedicated storage.  

If you’re tight on space, use the space inside the wall as potential storage. For instance, prefabricated, mirrored medicine cabinets can be installed inside your wall to hide frequently used items. 

4. Choose Appropriate Finishes 

Let your lifestyle be your guide in making selections. For example, when I work with clients, I help guide their decisions by asking questions like, “What are your frustrations with your current bath?” or “What features do you wish your bathroom had?” 

Assess your needs before the planning begins to help you determine your project goals. A young family may be more concerned about storage that is (or isn’t) accessible to children. An older couple may want to plan for storage that is easily accessible without needing to access the back of the cabinets.

Don’t leave your bathroom’s organization as an afterthought. When you are intentional with the function of your space, you will know exactly where to put your things, and you’ll have a beautiful bathroom too. 

Give us a call if you’d like a professional to help design your new space with storage in mind.

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