Our Interior Design Inspiration: Combining Textures

Texture in interior design

Texture is a particularly fun design element to experiment with in an interior design scheme. Its effect goes beyond the tactile, offering visual interest to a space as well. An oriental rug over a natural stone surface not only serves as cushioning and warmth for your feet. It also adds softness and a three dimensional aspect to the flat, hard floor. You can go beyond mixing patterns for a more varied look within tone-on-tone color scheme by adding different textures as well. Fur, shag, leather, vinyl and even fringes in the same hues bring another dimension to the design. Texture invites your eyes to look more closely and your hands to touch, enhancing your experience within a space. Good design addresses all the senses – even taste. No, we do not encourage tasting the drapes. However, we believe that eating in a lovely dining room makes your food taste even better! How do you use texture in your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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