Our Interior Design Inspiration: Creative Entertaining Tools


We are in heart of the entertaining time of year! It is now that homeowners either appreciate how well-designed their gathering spaces are, or they manage their frustrations with the lack of functionality or comfort. We approach every interior design project with use in mind and entertaining tends to be at the top of the list for many of our clients. Once we understand how they gather people in their homes – large seated dinners, standing cocktail parties, informal family gatherings – we then create a design scheme that will support those needs. We like to get creative with these designs and the project pictured above is a perfect example. These clients like to entertain quite a bit, so they had us create a less-formal dining area adjacent to their kitchen and formal dining room. We added custom cabinetry on both sides of a large dining table, one set for general storage, the other for a wet bar. The beverage area included racking for their wine collection, as well as glass and utensil storage, and a small refrigerator. We also added a sink area, but with a twist. The basin was designed to serve as an attractive vessel to hold bottled drinks. The long, narrow design mimics the long, narrow countertop, and is deep enough to allow the bottles and cans to be set into ice. Our clients were thrilled with this concept, and use it for every gathering.

Have you run across any unique design ideas for functional entertaining? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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