Hoskins Interior Design Holiday Reflection

We are fortunate at Hoskins Interior Design to work with talented, committed and enjoyable colleagues. As our team has evolved over the years, we have solidified into a kind of family. And just like a family, we have our own dynamics and traditions but in our own unique style. We are a group of interior designers, which means creativity is at the core of everything. Add to that the natural warmth of our founder, Deanna, that pervades all that we do, and you have the Hoskins Team.

From the moment they walk into our front – or side – door, we want our visitors to feel welcomed. We appear to be achieving this goal if you look at the relationships we have built with the many service partners that visit us on a daily basis. From UPS and FedEx, to our sewer and IT provider, these lovely people have become an extension of our Hoskins Interior Design family. For instance, each day the whole team gathers around our circular work table to have lunch together. It is our time to regroup as individuals, not co-workers – in fact, we are not allowed to discuss work! We discuss what is going on in our lives, sharing stories and supporting one another. And since most of us are designers who love to entertain, we also share ideas on tablescapes, menu ideas etc. Our creative sides are allowed to flow on a different level at our casual lunch table, which then recharges us for the rest of the work day.

Our holiday tradition reflects our creative-minded team as well. In lieu of giving a traditional gift, we exchange a favorite find of the year. This tradition is not only a fun and affordable way to celebrate and give everyone a gift; it allows our personalities to shine through as well. The best way to describe this tradition is to relay the story of when our newest team member, Janice, was introduced to the theme last year. The idea is to give everyone something that you have discovered over the course of year that you really like –a box of crackers, nail polish, whatever! Janice had fallen in love with a type of English muffin bread, so she decided to give it as her gift. Her husband thought she was crazy! Janice likes to make grilled sandwiches with this bread and suggested we all try it. We all LOVED it! That gift reflected the true spirit of the exchange. Other gifts have included personalized address labels, kitchen gadgets, scarves from Market each chosen to match our personalities, oddly-shaped tape dispensers, and even a hand cream that Kathy had fallen in love with but none of us could open!

While Kathy and Deanna have high expectations for themselves and their team, they are committed to having a life outside of work. They know that living a balanced life is what feeds creativity, and they pass this ideal onto the rest of the team as well. Flexibility, trust and respect are values central to Hoskins Interior Design and they come out in everything we do, from designing gorgeous homes to laughing around a well-loved circular table each day. It is this team spirit that makes us successful every day.

From our family to yours, we wish you Happy Holidays!


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