Our Interior Design Inspiration: Experiences

basement remodeling

We cannot count the number of times a client has come to us saying something like, “We had this amazing bathroom in our hotel room on our trip to XXX and we want to recreate it in our house.” We love helping our clients relive an experience, or expand upon a look they saw along their travels. It is said that creativity rarely takes shape as an epiphany. Rather, it is a culmination of experiences that leads us to think a bit differently. At Hoskins Interior Design, we are always looking outside of our office for inspiration. It can come from design publications, websites and markets, or from a trip to another part of the state, country or world. We encourage our clients to take memories or experiences they love and incorporate them into their style. For example, during the lower level remodel pictured above, we noticed that our clients had many lovely pictures from their travels all over their home. We asked them to pick their favorites, had the images enlarged and framed similarly, and covered a wall in their pool room with their memories. Not only is the look marvelous, it evokes warm memories for our clients every time they use the room!

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