Project Highlight: Modern Master Bedroom and Bathroom Design

Successfully implementing a sleek yet soothing design to this modern master bedroom and bathroom was all in the details. Our client came to us with specific ideas about what she wanted for the spaces, including concept photos. It was our job to emulate that look without matching it exactly, since the elements of a concept photo have been created for the specifications of that room, not the space we were actually working in. Also, we are not in the business of copying another designer’s work! We were able to customize and scale the design for her master bedroom and bathroom, bringing her vision to fruition.

Modern Master Bedroom Design

With the color and style set by our client, we set to work to source the pieces that would support the look. Both the hard and soft finishes needed to complement the goal, including finding just the right color white – not too creamy, not too bright. Our client found the bedding, which set the tone for the space, and we created custom throw pillows, bed skirt and drapery to work with that fabric. We also had the headboard custom made to our shape, fabric and finish specifications, balancing the white-on-white tone without looking contrived.

The nightstands mimicked those in the concept photo, but were crafted at the height and width necessitated by the scale of the room. We created drawings with detail specifications, including the door molding design, color and the hardware. A custom woodworker in Ohio built the pieces to our specifications giving our client exactly what she wanted. A lot of research went behind creating those perfect pieces; although there are a lot of “personalize it” furniture lines that allow you to choose door styles and finishes, none of them fulfilled our client’s needs. Access to quality custom options is a benefit of having an interior designer on your team!

The challenge of custom design is that using “matching sets” is not the goal. Furniture pieces should look as if they have evolved together, rather than having been selected all at once. Individual pieces that serve specific needs for the client must complement each other in the overall design. Each item cannot be chosen in a vacuum; they must also fit together perfectly with every other element in the room. For example, with all of the custom pieces in this space, it proved to be a particular challenge to find the right color and texture for the floor covering. We ended up placing a custom-cut and bound wool carpet over the hardwood that perfectly suited the rest of the design elements. Having access to “to the trade” resources can be very helpful in finding those hard to find pieces and finishes.

Modern Master Bathroom Design

marble tile shower floor

Adjacent to the bedroom, the master bathroom design plan continued the white-on-white color scheme. The catch was that it had to be accomplished by using marble in many different places. Sourcing bathroom floor, countertop and shower floor tile that all work together is not an easy task. Countertops are made from marble slabs, regular flooring is made from large tiles, and shower flooring is made from smaller tiles. Fortunately, we were able to locate materials that all worked together and a skilled contractor to install the materials. Tremain Tile, Marble & Granite is a local tile expert skilled at the artistry necessary when working with the characteristics of natural products. None of the marbles matched, yet by paying attention to the details, we were able to create a lovely and cohesive look in the space.

We worked with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery for the grey cabinetry. The thick countertops with a mitered edge complemented the surfaces throughout the rest of the home. The soft white color on the walls was illuminated by can lights, wall sconces and a chandelier. Again, finding the right lighting options that fit the style of the space and the metal finish we needed proved time consuming. Polished nickel had been chosen for the plumbing fixtures, and the lighting needed to suit. While both polished nickel and chrome may look alike, the former has a warmer tone than that latter. Mixing the two is a mistake many homeowners make, leaving their space looking “not quite right”. In this case, the lighting was a special finish that complemented, but did not match the polished nickel.

If you are like our client and have specific ideas of how you want each element of your space to look, you may want to do what they did and hire an experienced interior designer to help. They have resources not available to the consumer, as well as the knowledge to ensure each element works with each other. Running from store to store or clicking from website to website looking for an off-the-floor solution can be very frustrating. An interior designer has access to resources that help ensure that the all important factors to successfully crafting a room –style, details, scale, color, texture – are brought together to create the space you are envisioning.




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