2019 Interior Design Trends from Highpoint Market

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Highpoint Market is a trade show for the interior design industry held in Highpoint, North Carolina. We go almost every year for many reasons: to see what’s new in our industry, to meet with our vendors, to find new vendors, and to gain inspiration from our peers. This year, our newest designer, Haley, went for the first time. For her it was particularly important to meet with our current vendors, to see and touch the products we sell so she can better advise our clients. Experiencing quality craftsmanship, engineering, styling and finishes is very different than hearing about it.

In terms of inspiration, our team saw many current and emerging interior design trends:


We have written about this interior design trend previously, however, this look has fully taken hold of interior spaces. Essentially what this style means is fewer layers within a design. Neutral colors, furniture, and rugs are placed, then pillows and accessories are layered on top much more lightly than we have been used to seeing. However, this simple look is not boring. High contrast is brought in through texture and natural elements.


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Speaking of texture, we are seeing it used much more to bring depth to this more modern design. Click here to read more about this trend. At Highpoint many vignettes went beyond nubby fabrics, bringing in natural fibers like wicker, rattan, and caning.

 Color Contrast 

color contrast design trendsAlthough creams, whites and greys are at the heart of minimalist design, we are seeing them paired with dark accent colors like dark navy and charcoal. Saturated neutrals are also being used, such as emerald greens and mauvy/grayish-toned purples. However, the contrast is used to support an overall soft look rather than shocking the eye.

 Florals & Plants 

floral Design Trends

Florals are being added to create a whimsical or moody aesthetic in interiors. Very dramatic and dark floral fabrics, as well as tone on tone flower arrangements and greenery were prevalent at Highpoint. Inside plants are a big trend again. Along with fresh flowers, they bring another texture and color layer to the neutral tones of modern-leaning design.


The use of large graphic and geometric wallpaper is continuing to grow. Some designs have repeats so large that they come in mural panels instead of rolls! Designers are using it as an accent in bathrooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Being among our industry peers is always an invigorating experience for us. However, while it is important for us to monitor the trends, our goal with every design is to achieve the style and functionality our clients are looking for. Then we can add bits of “what’s popular now” as needed to ensure the final design is current yet lasting.

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